Cabin Crush- front door

This is it.

The front door of

My New Cabin….

at the lake.

up north.

These are all quinteassential Minnesota utterances that get tossed around each summer like “and” and “but.” And now, at the ripe old age of wouldn’t-you-like-to-know,  they belong to me.  Finally!

It doesn’t have a name yet and I’ve only stayed there a couple of times  –  not terribly comfortably  – because like so many new home buyers, we thought it was perfect, move-in ready, until we got there and tried to eat, sleep and bathe.

Cue the renovation.

And maybe later I’ll tell you about trying to wash the bat guano down the tub drain.

But still, every time I share our good news, it feels like I just got home from the hospital with my new baby…..it’s just that big.

So this new baby is super cute and I love her so much but she’s not sleeping through the night yet.  I’m tired and I’m frustrated and I keep rocking back and forth saying,  “It’s gonna be great….it’s gonna be great……it’s gonna be great..…”   Have you ever done a renovation project  long distance?  In the north woods?  On a road that is closed to large scale trucks in the winter?  And by “winter” I mean October through May?  And involving a driveway that requires, I mean REQUIRES, a four wheel drive vehicle?  Apparently, all these things complicate the renovation process  (“it’s gonna be great…….it’s gonna be great…..it’s gonna be great…….”).

Cabin Crush is a blog about my transition from Cabin Covet-er to Cabin Owner.  It’s a warehouse of  cabin infatuation.  A haven for cabinistas (and cabinistos?).   I’ve always trolled for cabin porn and, frankly, there’s tons of it out there including a tumblr called “Cabin Porn.”  Which I considered co-opting but because I’m a nice girl, like REALLY nice, except for the potty mouth, I will stick to crushes.  Plus, my mom might read this.  So looking at cabin porn late into the night is awesome but I tend to want to know more.  I want to know the stories behind the cabins.   When was it built?  How has it changed through the generations?  Do they have a boat?  Show me the dock!  Where do they read their books?  What is the cabin philosophy of the owners, because it’s different for everyone;  some people want to rough it in the great outdoors and other people throw Pringles cans at spiders and have irrational fears about mice getting caught in the bedsheets while they’re sleeping.  For some people, it doesn’t matter what the cabin looks like and for other people, it matters a LOT.  Because form and function equals comfort and joy  (like a Christmas song, y’all).   I’m in the “a LOT” category, fyi.

I want before and after pix.

I want to know where you got that cool rug.

I also want to see the rugs you almost bought.

I don’t really care what you caught but I DO want to know how you cooked it (unless you caught it in your bedsheets, then keep that shit to yourself).

I want photos of other cabins and camps and cottages that would make Martha Stewart cry.

I want essays about the bats, and the boat, and the lake, and the townies, and the cabin tantrums.

So I will give you what I couldn’t find…….welcome to my Cabin Crush.


What do you think?

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