My First Before Pic…..

cabin exterior tilt shift


I tried so hard to get a picture that was worthy of an audience. I tried fancy filters and kooky angles, balancing on rocks and clinging to raspberry branches for support. I stretched the camera high over my head for a bird’s eye view and then struck a pose completely prostrate on the ground, pointing the camera up at her for dramatic effect.

But every picture turned out like this……and boring was her name-o.

It’s hard to take an interesting picture of something that isn’t that interesting yet. Is that mean to say? It’s not that she’s a disaster, it’s just that she’s got such a cute figure but she insists on covering it up with all that concrete block. It’s like when you’re mom made you wear your parka over your Wonder Woman costume.

So much unrealized potential.

But this is where I have to put the breaks on because the bat-shit induced reno that is currently underway doesn’t so much include exterior improvements (yet…..shhhhhhh).

For the time being, why don’t we look at some cabin candy and find some that might inspire my future After Pic?   Which one do you find the most crush-worthy?


Cabin Crush- Thom Felicia

Cabin #1:  Fancy lake house with party-worthy decks.

Cabin crush- Shady Shingled Cottage

Cabin #2:  Shady Shingled Cottage nestled in the woods.

cabin crush- red stuga

Cabin #3:  The Red One

Cabin Crush- Dark and Dreamy with red trim

Cabin #4:  Dark and Dreamy with a living roof ( and red trim!  Good god, get me my smelling salts).


  1. The Wonder Woman costume analogy had me grinning ear to ear. Impossible not to share your excitement. Bouncing up and down and clapping a little.



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