Camp Wandawega

Have you ever had the desire to go back to camp?  A little bonfire?  A little weenie roast?  A little crush on the counselor from cabin 6? I once spent an hour on the phone with my friend, Colleen, singing camp songs  – long distance, I might add, when long distance really meant something.  We started with “Got this great big hunk of tin, nobody knows what shape it’s in……,” moved through  “If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning…” and ended with “It only takes a spark, to get a fire going……”.  That was probably a six dollar phone call (“Hey Kristin,” says 1990’s-era Mike, with phone bill in hand.  “What’s with the six dollar phone call to Colleen?”  “Oh that,” I’d say.  “Um yeah, there was some difficulty with her lady parts.  Do you want hear about it?”).

Camp Wandawega, in Elkhorn, Wisconsin could be your new camp nirvana, an honest-to-goodness shot at recapturing the camp experience of your youth with a handful of designer touches from camp owners who do double duty as Chicago creative directors.  Accommodations include a lodge, teepees, tent cabins, real cabins, a treehouse and an aluminum trailer known as “Canned Ham.”

Minnesota Monthly is featuring Camp Wandawega in an article in the September issue titled “Travel by Design:  Stylish destinations for admirers of architecture, decor, and well-crafted goods.”  by Rachel Hutton and Berit Thorkelson.  Click here for the full article.

More great information can be found at Design Tripper  and at Camp Wandawega’s website.







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