One Room Done…for Mike

After The Awakening, I decide that I will make just one room presentable, livable, hopefully without bats or raccoon babies.  If the room is clean and appointed with fresh Ikea sheets, I’m hoping that the bats and the raccoons will see that they don’t belong here and find another place to poop and have their babies.  The herpes carpet is barely visible (indoor-outdoor style that it is) but you can see that I strategically place a runner right where my feet go so I can reduce my risk of infection.

 The splurge:  a memory foam mattress for Liam who has been begging for one since he was 6 years old and wanted to have a Tempurpedic-themed birthday party.  I think he envisioned a backyard filled with Tempurpedic mattresses, one per guest, and they would all bounce together and see that the glass of wine never once toppled over.

I have one purpose in making this room right and taking this pic;  I need to send it to Mike in Abu Dabi or Timbuktu or wherever he is and say,

“See?  It’s gonna be great.”

What do you think?

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