Kitchens Doin’ it Cabin Style (aka “You’re the Kitchen Inspiration”)


From Huffington Post ,  this kitchen was created by Oregon designer Jessica Helgerson.  The entire home is 540 square feet and houses a family of four;  I bet those kids don’t have any ugly toys.  And their roof is insulated with local ferns and moss.  I’m working that into conversation tomorrow.  “I think it’s irresponsible to roof a house with anything but local ferns and moss.”  Just see what people do.

Photo credit:  Lincoln Barbour


From Top Home Ideas, this kitchen makes me want to write a book called   “Turn Your Life Around…..With Fabric.”   The brilliance here is in hanging the stripes horizontally.  If the stripes had been hung vertically, it would feel fussy and twee.  But horizontally?  Thoroughly modern and playful.


From Dwell, a 1967 prefab home on a remote island off the coast of Rhode Island.  Could be the best melding of modern and rustic forms and finishes that I’ve ever seen.  I seriously want to sing songs about it.   The architect/owner is a 97 year old design god from, you guessed it, Denmark.  Praise Little Baby Jesus for Denmark.


From, this is a Norwegian ski chalet.   I’m going to throw “Norwegian ski chalet” into my conversation tomorrow, too.  Like, “Do you have a Norwegian ski chalet?”  Let’s all do it.  And I’m just going to point out for y’all that I’m seeing dishwashers in all of these cabin kitchens.  So I’m done feeling silly about that.

Photo credit:  Catherine Gratwick


From Apartment Therapy, this 1903 cabin in Carpinteria, California addresses one of the biggest dilemmas among cabin owners:  how to bring color and light into a log sided structure.  As beautiful as it can be, it’s just a hell of a lot of wood.  And that can be a big downer on a rainy day. Solution?  Colorful cookware.  I just came up with a whole new ad campaign for Le Creuset.


And Poppytalk brings us to our final thought of the day:


Need I say more?


What do you think?

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