Gifts for the Cabin Lover (that’s CABIN Lover not Cabin LOVER).


It’s not too late!  The cabin lovers or cabin wannabes on your list love gifts that remind them of their happy place.  The Tivoli Audio Model One Radio from Forage Modern Workshop in Minneapolis is said to be “the best sounding table radio ever made” (MSNBC) and won’t muddy up your cabin vibe with a lot of slick-looking electronics. We listen to a steady stream of up north radio while at the cabin – a playlist of classic rock, north woods NPR and, I kid you not, a very special polka hour.

Here’s more from Forage Modern and some of my other cabin-friendly sources:

NATURE-full-550x550_1024x1024 il_570xN.513902211_m7ws_1024x1024 opener_1-CRP_1024x1024_1024x1024 MNman_1024x1024

Nature Print,  Dining Stool, Minnesota Bottle Opener, Lumberjackin’ Minnesota Print



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From Honeyshine, a neighborhood gem full of objects for the home:  The Stag Candle not only fulfills your antler requirement, it also smells like the cabin – in a good way.  Think siberian fir, cilantro and citrus rather than mildew and mouse droppings.  Replace Facebook  with the Vinyl Record Puzzle – jigsaw puzzles;  the original time-suck.  Carry your drinks to the dock in the Wine/Shotglass Caddy.



Unknown-1 Unknown-2

From Magers & Quinn, a great online/bricks and mortar book source:  I could meditate by just staring at the cover of Cabins/Hütten/Cabanes;  it’s your reference source for cabin architecture.  Lies Beneath gives you a Lake Superior full of mermaids who kill humans in order to absorb their positive emotion.  It’s crazy creepy, y’all.  We can’t keep it on the shelves at our local school library and my (grown-up) book club couldn’t get enough.  You’ll never look at Lake Superior the same…….



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From Askov Finlayson, purveyor of clothing and accessories for northern gents:  Sanborn Canoe Company Paddles are the epitome of cabin art.  The Snow Peak Lapel Torch because it’s hella dark at the cabin.  I could be nose to nose with Bigfoot and have no idea.



jeanne pink antlers il_340x270.486959403_n6pd il_570xN.571928123_qeaz

From Etsy, because you can never have enough antlers at the cabin.  Jeanne Pink Antlers, Deer & Chair Print and Oh Deer Instant Digital Download.


And finally, a little entertainment for you.  Even if you think you’re not in the market for  Campfire Cologne, I highly recommend clicking through and watching the second video.

Merry Cabin Christmas!



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