Stuff I Bought For My Cabin Because I Miss it.

So now I’m totally outed because my husband hasn’t seen any of this stuff and he’s probably opening this post and going “What the @*&!?” I’ve been squirreling away my stash in a special cabin hiding spot all winter so I wouldn’t scare him or invite any sort of scolding about things we don’t NEED. Which would inevitably lead to a huge argument because everyone knows that every cabin needs a yellow gnome but he’s going to claim that he’s never heard that and then I’ll be like “What? Were you born in a BARN?” Here’s a rundown of the winter booty:

IMG_3189 IMG_3194

   817JywcPyiL._SL1500_  Heath Ceramics Dish Towels, Charley Harper Front Facing Fish Tea TowelNow Designs Fishies Towel

Why so many dishtowels? Well…..that I don’t know. I wasn’t even aware that I’d purchased so many dishtowels until I pulled them out of the secret cabin stash today. And I don’t even use dishtowels on a regular basis because that would involve drying dishes, something I find happens naturally if I just leave stuff on top of the stove and walk away. I think drying dishes is for people who can’t sit still…which is not a problem for me. So the dishtowels are a mystery. Except that they’re pretty and I want to look at them. Okay, mystery solved. Thank you for the minute-therapy.




Arrow Wall Hooks from CB2

Are you lacking in storage? HOOKS! I will use hooks for jackets, jammies, towels, dishtowels (just for looking at, of course), cabin clothes, book bags, fly swatters, art (use clip-on curtain rings!) and…drum roll, please…this brilliant idea: 5f8d1bfcad00a067c1fcfd4bd5adb875

Extra seating for our dining table can be folded and stored on the wall just like art. Every cabin needs a splash of red.




Woven Arrow Stripe Pillow Covers from West Elm

For me, a room isn’t finished without pillows. I see a couch with no pillows and I have to look away, like it’s reminding of that time I spent in prison. Mike doesn’t understand pillows and he takes them off so he can sit comfortably. Then I sit down after he leaves and scream “WHERE’S MY PILLOW!” I need more cush (koosh?) in my life. More cush, more color and more pattern; I only have so much wall space and there’s so much beauty in the world – I want all of it! –  so pillows become another artspace. These pillow covers from West Elm have a Scandirondack feel – I’m totally trademarking that. They are part Scandinavian, part Adirondack and they are oh so cabin.


      Elka Bowls from Anthropologie

Because the Anthro ladies were getting tired of me fondling them on my weekly visits. We go through bowls quickly at the cabin because of something called “cabin dip,” a special recipe that Liam makes all by himself involving a delicate mixture of salsa and Hellman’s Real Mayonaise. I’m just glad he’s finally eating vegetables.


  Foxgloves Gauntlet

For weeding! Duh! Because, once again, I am a Badass Weeder. I was traveling with two friends in San Francisco recently and they saw these gardening gloves while shopping at the Ferry Building. Together they grabbed the gloves and started shouting in unison, “KRISTIN! YOU NEED THESE FOR YOUR WEIRD OBSESSION WITH WEEDING!!” And though they are not natural born shoppers and can live without almost all the things, they wouldn’t let me leave the store without them. See the extra long thorn guards?! It’s just that important.

  Resplendent Flatware from Anthropologie

I had visions of collecting mismatched sets of vintage utensils but I couldn’t get over the thought that they’d been in a dead person’s mouth. So I got this brand new set from Anthropologie instead. Then I found out that Anthro has their own set of vintage mismatched collected utensils!


And I’m sure Anthro has a killer sanitizing machine (please help me with the name of that thing) or they wouldn’t be able to sell them in US markets so I’m considering an exchange. Although even the best sanitizing machine can’t wash away bad karma. 

Gnomes (from Home Goods. Who knew?) Who can resist a yellow gnome!? He will hide in the forest somewhere, nestled behind a silvery birch tree. Woody will welcome us at the front door.



Vintage Canoe Paddle from Grace & co.

The beauty of this canoe paddle is its unusual size (shorty) and its roughed-up condition. A shiny new canoe paddle may look too intentional, like “I bought this cabin-themed artifact to display as a completely un-ironic nod to cabin decor.”  Instead, the patina makes this a found object with a soul (and unlike utensils, it probably hasn’t been in someone’s mouth) and the funny shape makes it unique and, therefore, more fun to look at. I’m considering using it as a door handle on the screen door.




Kikkerland Log Microbead Pillow

Liam has been begging me for this log pillow all winter; he finally figured out that I’ll cave if he adds the words “for the cabin” at the end of all of his requests. These are squishy and oddly smooth and just soft enough to be like a lovey but weird enough to be like a lovey for teenagers.





il_570xN.736813652_j8b3 il_570xN.736377628_n46p Drink the Wild Air Art Print by WillowAndOlive “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.”                                            ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I will be waiting by my front door today until this arrives from Etsy.


As the weather warms, and we approach “opening day,” it feels good to pull these things out and prepare them for their new home. The countdown is on…

The Difference Between DONE and NOT DONE……and why I won’t brush my teeth in the lake.

d37ab2270491661c5533b8ae545cba79 IMG_1628 galley-kitchen-20-622x989 IMG_1632 galley-kitchen-27-622x787 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Can you pick out the kitchens that are done?  And the ones that are not done?


The text on Tuesday said “We are planning on coming up on Friday.  What kind of progress do we have?”

The reply:  “Will Finnish soon.  Everything done except tile.”  So his autocorrect changes “finish” to “Finnish” which means that he texts the word “Finnish” more than he texts the word “finish.”  How many of you can say that? Continue reading →

The Most Stressful Day of My Husband’s Life: Cabin Edition


It’s the Hemnes queen sized bed, matching mattress, and Friheten sectional sofa/pullout bed with hidden storage!  This is our black market Ikea booty that we essentially stole by sweet-talking a sympathetic warehouse manager and convincing him that the unmarked/unclaimed pallet of goods that had been sitting in his warehouse for three weeks rightfully belonged to me, Random Caller.  And because there is goodness in the world, I talked him out of returning the unclaimed goods to Ikea and fully supported him when he offered to forge some documents and give it to me instead.  Huge smiley face.

As we drove away with our booty and headed for the north woods, this is what was happening at the cabin:


The saddest thing about this photo is that no one would sit on the toilet for me while I took the photo.  I was happy to sit there but then no one would take the photo of me sitting on the toilet.  And that is not the first time I’ve written those words, by the way.  I’ve seen lots of toilets on the curb or along the side of the road and no one will ever take my picture on them.  It’s one of my greatest disappointments in life.

The happiest thing about this photo is that the old kitchen/wildlife preserve is gone. The Finnish Carpenter and his band of SuperFinns have torn out the island that housed an unknown living thing, the leaning counter of Pisa and all of the Nixon-era herpes carpeting.  After “The Awakening”, in which I made a list of all the things that kept me awake at the cabin, I identified the herpes carpeting as Enemy #1.  If you can’t walk on it barefoot without catching a disease, it has to go.  How expensive could it be? Continue reading →

Kitchens Doin’ it Cabin Style (aka “You’re the Kitchen Inspiration”)


From Huffington Post ,  this kitchen was created by Oregon designer Jessica Helgerson.  The entire home is 540 square feet and houses a family of four;  I bet those kids don’t have any ugly toys.  And their roof is insulated with local ferns and moss.  I’m working that into conversation tomorrow.  “I think it’s irresponsible to roof a house with anything but local ferns and moss.”  Just see what people do.

Photo credit:  Lincoln Barbour


From Top Home Ideas, this kitchen makes me want to write a book called   “Turn Your Life Around…..With Fabric.”   The brilliance here is in hanging the stripes horizontally.  If the stripes had been hung vertically, it would feel fussy and twee.  But horizontally?  Thoroughly modern and playful.


From Dwell, a 1967 prefab home on a remote island off the coast of Rhode Island.  Could be the best melding of modern and rustic forms and finishes that I’ve ever seen.  I seriously want to sing songs about it.   The architect/owner is a 97 year old design god from, you guessed it, Denmark.  Praise Little Baby Jesus for Denmark. Continue reading →

BEFORE: The Kitchen Edition.


I’m going to let you look at this pretty picture before I show you the actual BEFORE pix.  Because it bothers me that someone would visit this blog and be greeted by a bathtub full of bat poo.  I want my blog to look pretty……not shitty.

But in this episode, we will focus on the kitchen only because that is where this renovation begins.  We’ve already discussed the unidentified living thing that took up residence under the sink that woke up when I opened the cabinet door.  And how I closed that door and ran away so I could go to my happy place.  We’ve already discussed the drawer front that came off in my hand when I went to open the drawer for the first time.  Here’s the scene of that crime: Continue reading →