Cabin Shopping

“Pine furniture, antler mounts, Swedish rag rugs, and plaid are
great for pulling off that carefree lake-house vibe. And of course,
no cabin would be complete without a rocker and a few vintage
books to peruse during downtime.”

~ One King’s Lane

If you have even the slightest yen for the cabin life, hurry over to online retailer  One Kings Lane for their “Vintage Picks with Cabin Style” shop until August 29.  These are vintage finds culled from around the world that scream warmth, comfort, rusticity and nostalgia;  it’s not 100% the look I’m going for but it is a beautifully curated collection.  Shop for your own cabin, the cabin of your dreams, or if you’d simply like to bring a little cabin style to your everyday life.

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My First Before Pic…..

cabin exterior tilt shift


I tried so hard to get a picture that was worthy of an audience. I tried fancy filters and kooky angles, balancing on rocks and clinging to raspberry branches for support. I stretched the camera high over my head for a bird’s eye view and then struck a pose completely prostrate on the ground, pointing the camera up at her for dramatic effect.

But every picture turned out like this……and boring was her name-o.

It’s hard to take an interesting picture of something that isn’t that interesting yet. Is that mean to say? It’s not that she’s a disaster, it’s just that she’s got such a cute figure but she insists on covering it up with all that concrete block. It’s like when you’re mom made you wear your parka over your Wonder Woman costume.

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